Shrimp RemouladeLarge Gulf Shrimp in a zesty Creole sauce

Shrimp Cocktail  Large Gulf Shrimp with the classic cocktail sauce

Fried CalamariLightly battered & fried in peanut oil, served with cocktail sauce

Fried MushroomsLightly battered & fried in peanut oil served with horseradish sauce

A la Carte

Snug Harbor GumboClassic Cajun soup: shrimp, chicken, sausage, okra & rice

Snug Harbor SaladMixed lettuce and garden veggies with choice of dressing

Caesar SaladRomaine lettuce tossed with house made Caesar dressing & croutons

Baked Idaho Potatoadd cheese, sour cream, chives, mushrooms, bacon


each sandwich is served with baked potato with butter.  Lettuce, tomato, onions & pickles are served on the side

Steak Burger  –  Cheddar Burger  –  Mushroom Burger

made from aged Angus beef, ground in house, and are a local favorite

Fried Chicken  –  Grilled Chicken  –  Fried Fish  –  Fried Oyster  –  Fried Shrimp


served with a choice of Rice Marigny, steamed vegetables or baked potato with butter


fresh, direct from the source

Fish Marigny Fried filet of fish topped with Gulf shrimp in a Creole Cream Sauce

BBQ ShrimpSpicy shrimp in shells sauteed with butter, garlic, rosemary and cayenne

Broiled Shrimp Large Gulf shrimp in a garlic & white wine sauce

Fried ShrimpJumbo shrimp lightly battered and fried in peanut oil

Yellowfin TunaFresh cut tuna steak grilled with lemon and butter or blackened in an iron pan

Salmon Filet Fresh cut salmon filet grilled with lemon and butter or blackened in an iron pan

Fried Oysters or Fried FishFilet of fish or oysters lightly battered and deep fried in peanut oil


in house hand cut aged angus

Filet Mignonthe tenderest of steaks; fine textured and lean

Ribeyethe juiciest steak selection; well marbled and moist

New York Stripthe steak eaters’ steak; the heavy weight flavor champ


Southern FriedA whole boneless breast lightly battered and fried in the Delta style

CharbroiledA whole boneless breast chargrilled and served with a Creole cream sauce


Bread Pudding with hard sauce  –  Traditional Pecan Pie


Soft Drinks  –  Fruit Juice  –  Tea  –  Coffee  –  Espresso Drinks 


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