Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is dinner included in the purchase of a concert ticket?

No. Dinner is always separate from all concerts at Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro New Orleans. We are not what is commonly referred to as “dinner theater.” Our restaurant and our jazz club are separate rooms in the same building, and have been for 40 years.

If I purchased a concert ticket, does that also include dinner?

No. Concerts and Dinner Service are always separate at Snug Harbor, and have been for decades. The restaurant is located right next door to the club.

If I made a dinner reservation through OpenTable, or by phone or email, does that also grant me entry to the concert that night?

No. Dinner reservations are strictly for table service in the restaurant, which is located next door to the jazz club, but in the same building. If you also wish to attend the concert, you must purchase tickets, and then also make sure your dinner reservation time is scheduled for at least 90 Minutes prior to your ticketed showtime to ensure you have enough time for complete dinner service before showtime.

Do I need a reservation in order to have dinner service?

No. We always accept walk-ins for dinner. Just know that we cannot guarantee availability or wait times without an advance reservation. We strongly suggest advance dinner table reservations if you would like to have dinner prior to your ticketed showtime, as we cannot guarantee how long the wait may be upon arrival in the restaurant at walk-up. Food service is also available at the bar for parties of 1, 2, 3, or 4, provided space is available upon arrival. Advance Concert Ticket Holders are always prioritized at walk-up for dinner tables.

I would like to make a dinner reservation for a party of 7 or more, how can I do that?

Please email with all your contact info, the date & time of request, and size of party. *NOTE that if your large party also has tickets for a showtime, you will need to confirm a dinner reservation for at least 2 Hours prior to showtime in order to guarantee timely service.

What time does the Box Office open?

Our ticket counter opens at 7:00pm nightly. Occasionally, it opens a bit early around 6:45pm to begin will-call check-in. Ticket Sales are guaranteed to begin nightly at 7:00pm.

I am interested in attending a concert at Snug Harbor in the future, but don’t see the date(s) I’m interested in posted on your Music Calendar online, how can I buy tickets or make reservations for that date?

You must simply wait for that calendar date to get posted online, and purchase your desired tickets then. *NOTE that we always post the forthcoming month’s music calendar during the last 5-10 days of the previous month, with the full forthcoming month always guaranteed to be posted by the 1st of each month. So you can check our website periodically during the last week of each month for new show announcements. *Please do not contact us asking for advance show information for dates not yet posted on our web calendar. No show information is available until shows are announced to the public on our website. Thank You.

Myself or someone in my party is handicapped or has a serious mobility challenge, how do I request handicap seating?

Due to the historic nature of our small, intimate 200-year old building, we have a limited number of seats available to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers inside our jazz club. As soon as you’ve purchased your concert tickets, please forward us your E-Ticket Confirmation immediately to and CC: to request the number of necessary handicap seats and specify wheelchair, walker, or cane/crutches, so we can confirm these seat reservations. You can also call the host stand at our main phone number between 5pm – 11pm nightly to ask questions and make mobility challenge seating requests. *Please Note that we do not have an elevator, and both our bathrooms are very small 2-stall rooms, but all doorways are ADA accessible. We also have handicap placements available in our restaurant.

Can I purchase concert tickets by phone?

No. While Snug Harbor did previously offer charge-by-phone ticket service, this service is no longer available, for credit card security reasons, and because ticketing on our website is now incredibly easy and secure, and available 24/7. No exceptions.

Can I purchase concert tickets in person?

For all shows that are not sold-out in advance, all remaining available tickets will always be available for purchase at walk-up, on night of show only, at our Box Office Ticket Counter when the ticket counter opens at 7:00pm nightly. Advance ticket purchases for all upcoming shows must be purchased online via our website. We accept cash, credit card or debit card at walk-up.

Can I get on the Wait List for a Sold-Out Show?

Yes, but in-person on night of show ONLY. We do not accept Wait List submissions by phone or email. If a show is sold-out online, and you wish to join the Wait List for any no-show seats that may open up, you must arrive in-person at or after 7:00pm to submit your name to the Ticket Counter Host for Wait List for either showtime. Please do not call or email asking about Wait List. You must simply show up in person at or after 7:00pm in order to join the Wait List.

If I purchased a ticket for one showtime on a given night, can I switch it to the other showtime?

IF space is available at the showtime you wish to switch to, then yes, ticket transfers on the same date are allowable. You must confirm this request with a Manager either via Email at or by phone between 5pm – 11pm. If the showtime you wish to switch to is sold-out, unfortunately we cannot transfer tickets. A Manager or Box Office Host MUST first confirm that space is still available at that showtime, before your ticket transfer request can be confirmed.

If I purchased a ticket for a given show date, can I transfer it to another show date?

No. Ticket Transfers are only permissible between show times on the same date. If space is still available for the show on the date you would like to switch to, you must first purchase tickets to that show online, and then forward your e-ticket confirmations to and CC to request a refund for your original/former purchase.

Can I transfer my concert tickets to someone else’s name?

Yes. Please forward your e-ticket confirmation on email with your change request to, or call the Ticket Counter Host between 5pm – 11pm on any night to provide this info.

I purchased tickets for a show and now cannot attend, can I get a refund?

Like most professional concert venues, all concert tickets are Final Sale and Non-Refundable. We do make exceptions for death, severe illness or injury, flight cancellation, and Covid. Please forward your e-ticket confirmation with your proof of travel cancellation or doctors note / Covid test to to request a refund for these reasons. Please do not email a refund request without including your proof. ALL ticket refund requests must be submitted at least 24 Hours in advance of showtime. Refund requests AFTER day of show cannot be honored.

I have a large group (more than 6 people) and would like to inquire about dinner AND a show?

For all concerts, all groups up to 20 guests must simply purchase your tickets online via our website just like any other concert. Then, after your concert tickets have been purchased, you must email with the date & time of your show purchase, and request a dinner reservation with the restaurant team via email to confirm an available time for dinner when your large group can be accommodated prior to your ticketed showtime. Groups larger than 20 people must request both dinner and show via email and await confirmation of availability. (*NOTE: we cannot accommodate more than 80 people maximum per showtime, and not more than 40 people maximum at once in the restaurant)

Can I order drinks while seated inside the jazz club?

Yes. We always offer cocktail table service during all shows. This includes cocktails, beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee and tea. (Starting Fall 2023, we also now offer charcuterie plates for table service inside the jazz club. This is the only food allowed inside the jazz club)

What ages are allowed in the jazz club?

While we recommend that all patrons in the jazz club be at least 18 years of age due to alcohol service, we do allow youth ages 13 and up to attend our concerts provided they are accompanied at all times. Youth under 18 are not permitted without a parent, guardian or teacher present. All youth 13 and up must also be ticketed like adults. Sorry, no children under 13 are allowed inside the jazz clubs, as we are a quiet, professional listening room that hosts 90-Minute concerts, and we find this is too long for young children to sit completely still and quiet without being disruptive to fellow patrons. *However, family members of all ages are always welcome in our restaurant side of the building to enjoy dinner anytime.

Do you offer discounts for senior citizens, military, youth, students, or groups?

No. We are a small, independent family-owned business and 100% of the profits from all ticket sales go directly to the musicians and the staff costs of operating the venue. We hope you will join us in supporting our musicians and staff in our small, intimate, award-winning venue via our fairly priced tickets. The same is true for our restaurant.

Can I take photos or videos of the concerts?

No. Snug Harbor has a very strict No Photos, No Video, No Audio Recording, and No Cell Phones Policy during all concerts. As one of the last true listening rooms, cell phone use of any kind is far too distracting, disruptive and disrespectful to both fellow patrons and musicians. Additionally, all photo, video, and audio recording must be approved by the artists. Typically, we allow some quick photo/video during the last half of the last song of the set, and still photos of the band at the very end of each set. Otherwise, if you are observed by our staff using your cell phone, camera, or any type of recording device without explicit permission from both our artists and our management in advance of showtime, you will be warned once, and any subsequent violations of this policy may result in being asked to leave the Music Room without ticket refund.

I am booking a travel group and would like a private dinner and/or a private lounge area during a concert, who do I contact?

Sorry, we do not have a private dining room, nor do we offer private sections in our historic, intimate listening room. All seats inside our renowned jazz club are excellent, very close to the stage, as it only seats 86 guests per show, and all shows are listening shows, with no lounge conversation allowed. All seating is General Admission, first-come, first-served. There is no reserved seating, except for handicapped or legitimately otherwise mobility challenged. *IF your group would like to buy-out an entire showtime, the ticket purchase requirement is 86 Tickets at the published ticket rate for that show, whether you fill all 86 seats or not.

I would like to buy-out your jazz club for my private event, who do I contact?

It is very, very rare that we ever rent out Snug Harbor for a private event, as we host our award-winning public jazz programming 7 nights per week. Our venue is typically only available for daytime private event rentals between 9am – 4pm. If you would still like to inquire about a full buy-out, please email and CC: with your request, contact info, and your private event buy-out budget. Inquiries without budgets will not receive a response.

When can I speak to someone by phone about my questions?

Our telephone lines are staffed 7 Nights per week from 5pm – 11pm nightly. You can inquire about dinner reservations, concert ticket availability, employment opportunities, lost & found items, and other questions during these hours nightly. All daytime telephone service is by appointment only. If you need to make an appointment to speak to a manager by phone between the hours of 10am – 5pm, please Email or with your information to request a phone call time.

I am a hired press/media professional inquiring about covering a concert, who do I contact?

Please email your credentials and your request to and CC: and await a response.

I am a musician, or an agent representing a musician or band, and would like to inquire about getting booked to perform at Snug Harbor, who do I contact?

Please email a complete EPK or web link with complete artist bio, photos, video, and music, along with your request and contact info to: . If our booker is interested, you will receive an email reply and introduction.

I am a food, beverage, or other service vendor and have an inquiry for management, who do I contact?

Please email with your request and contact info, and the appropriate manager will get back to you.

I am interested in employment at Snug Harbor, who do I contact, or where do I send my resumé?

Please send all employment inquiries to and CC: